Micro Miracle Thought


There is a thought in my mind, a deep thought, and I am in an unfamiliar place . A place where I have never been, doing something I have never done, feeling something I have never felt, when suddenly in the blink of an eye, it all vanishes.

It is amazing, isn’t it? For a moment there is something going on in your head, a thought so deep that you believe the people around you are invisible and seconds later you realize you are staring at a chair or a water bottle in front of you.

I don’t know what to call this moment. Let us call it a Micro Miracle Thought- a thought that lasts a micro second and leaves you behind with an amazing feeling. Micro Miracle thoughts start with an event or sometimes just a line or a sentence that you hear of in a movie or read in a magazine, book or newspaper. It might happen daily, once in a month or maybe even once in a year.

Though the thought lasts for such a short while, it takes you to the deepest insight of perception, you never imagined you had. You see things differently; you start to compare your lazy, repetitive, complicated life with what you just heard. Not because you like your dreamland better, not because it makes you feel something in your life is incomplete but because it makes you feel whatever you thought was right, was always wrong. It changes everything you believe in. That one sentence, in whatever sense the book or the movie meant, starts a chain reaction in your mind, leading you to a set of conclusions that puts your codes, values and thoughts to question. Turns everything around, because for a second the truth is exactly the opposite.

And, yes all this happens in a micro second.

Hardik Pokhrel

Dated : 5/27/2013 3: 55 pm


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