How To Make A 95-Second Oscar-Nominated Film: PES Interview

Thought Catalog

Animator and filmmaker PES likes to keep things short. Earlier this year he received an Oscar nomination for doing just that. His ninety-five second film, Fresh Guacamole, was the briefest film ever to receive the honor.  We discussed what goes into such an achievement, as well as his new projects, which include a feature-length adaptation of the Garbage Pail Kids series. We also touched on his roots, stop-motion techniques, Italian cooking, Vine, but overall, we really just talked at length, about shorts.

Thought Catalog: How did you first become interested in filmmaking?

PES: I grew up as an artistic kid. I was always able to draw pretty well and by the time I was in high school I was experimenting with watercolors. Then when I got to college I decided to enroll in some printmaking classes. I fell in love with printmaking and studied that through all four…

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