In pursuit of peace

Perception Synopsis


Let me take you to a place,a place far far away from here.You don’t need to pack your bags or worry about the journey for the place.As this is the place where the blinds can see, the deaf can hear, dumb can speak and mentally challenged are part of the world.

Everything is familiar in this place, like you have been living in this place for generations yet so far away from it, like you are at home.Your heart settles here, no anxiety, no sadness, no expectation so no disappointment, no anger or no tears. As of now, you won’t find anyone there, since people don’t live there anymore.

You won’t find food there, because there is no hunger.You won’t find money there because there is no poor.You won’t find schools there, because there is no uneducated. No hospitals because no illness.No war because there is no religion.No disputes because there is no country or possessions.

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