Life changes in a cross road.


It is good to be alone.

She didn’t know this. Nor did she that she would. Well, she didn’t care. With tears in your eyes, you wouldn’t too. Her life had met its cross roads.

It was a wonderful morning. Aroma of wet mud in the air, strong. She began walking with tears in her eyes, thoughts in her mind. When her eyes looked up, the black cloud was gathering above. When her eyes looked down, the water droplets were competing with her footsteps. So, looked straight, people running, struggling to get somewhere. She ran, but eventually gave up.

With the rain winning, it was no difference to her. With ending up in a losing end as a habit, she continued. With thoughts running in her who was eating her heart out, she moved on. Taxis passed by, she continued walking. With a feeling of loneliness, she wanted to be alone. So, she continued.

She walked slowly now, knowing now it doesn’t make a difference and reached out for her earphones but found her tissue. Continuing with wiping her face, she struggled to put her earphones. She continued, her bags were wet, her clothes were wet, she didn’t bother as she listened to her songs.

After walking for hours, not knowing where she was going now, she continued. Her destination was far behind, but as she reached there, she felt that wasn’t where she belonged, so she continued.

She looked at her watch, it was 11 am. A cruel thought came in a mind, she felt broken, so she thought that was the only way out.

After reaching a crossroad, she saw a car hitting a woman. That was the first accident she had witnessed. In utter shock, knowing what she was thinking herself, she took one earphones out, people were shouting, running and screaming. She froze. She was just standing there, looking and thinking and comparing the cross roads accident with what just had happened with her life. She took courage, walked near the scene. She heard ambulance siren faintly initially, then loudly.

’That was quick’ she thought, not realizing it was more than thirty – minutes she stood froze. While everyone were taking the woman into the ambulance, she went close, initially to help but then to get a similar sorrow feel on how life had been unfair for both of them.

‘The woman won’t make it’, she heard people saying.

The ambulance went, the sirens loud then faint. She turned back, and saw an envelope lying on the floor. It might have been hers, she thought. She opened the envelope, it was from a hospital. She thought she shouldn’t open it, but then it wouldn’t make a difference. She opened it, as a MBBS student, she could understand what was written.

Her tears dropped. This time, with a shock. Her hands trembled. Her heart was beating as if it would burst.

‘The woman was pregnant.’

The rained stopped.

In between crowded streets, people started walking again, people in motorbikes started riding again. In a matter of minutes, it was like nothing happened.

She stood still for minutes, but then she started walking back.

While walking back, she realized there was no thought. She was in a middle of the road, yet she felt like she was in the mountains all alone, and with no thoughts. In a matter of moments, her tears, her problems seemed so minute, that she felt stupid to have cried for it.

Faraway, the church bells rang, it was 12 am. she looked up. Suddenly, remember about her life, her parents, and her brother. Didn’t believe an hour early, she thought of killing herself.

She smiled, walking on, thinking, she was alone, but might never feel lonely. She told herself,

“Hours before home!!”


In pursuit of peace

Perception Synopsis


Let me take you to a place,a place far far away from here.You don’t need to pack your bags or worry about the journey for the place.As this is the place where the blinds can see, the deaf can hear, dumb can speak and mentally challenged are part of the world.

Everything is familiar in this place, like you have been living in this place for generations yet so far away from it, like you are at home.Your heart settles here, no anxiety, no sadness, no expectation so no disappointment, no anger or no tears. As of now, you won’t find anyone there, since people don’t live there anymore.

You won’t find food there, because there is no hunger.You won’t find money there because there is no poor.You won’t find schools there, because there is no uneducated. No hospitals because no illness.No war because there is no religion.No disputes because there is no country or possessions.

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Micro Miracle Thought


There is a thought in my mind, a deep thought, and I am in an unfamiliar place . A place where I have never been, doing something I have never done, feeling something I have never felt, when suddenly in the blink of an eye, it all vanishes.

It is amazing, isn’t it? For a moment there is something going on in your head, a thought so deep that you believe the people around you are invisible and seconds later you realize you are staring at a chair or a water bottle in front of you.

I don’t know what to call this moment. Let us call it a Micro Miracle Thought- a thought that lasts a micro second and leaves you behind with an amazing feeling. Micro Miracle thoughts start with an event or sometimes just a line or a sentence that you hear of in a movie or read in a magazine, book or newspaper. It might happen daily, once in a month or maybe even once in a year.

Though the thought lasts for such a short while, it takes you to the deepest insight of perception, you never imagined you had. You see things differently; you start to compare your lazy, repetitive, complicated life with what you just heard. Not because you like your dreamland better, not because it makes you feel something in your life is incomplete but because it makes you feel whatever you thought was right, was always wrong. It changes everything you believe in. That one sentence, in whatever sense the book or the movie meant, starts a chain reaction in your mind, leading you to a set of conclusions that puts your codes, values and thoughts to question. Turns everything around, because for a second the truth is exactly the opposite.

And, yes all this happens in a micro second.

Hardik Pokhrel

Dated : 5/27/2013 3: 55 pm


Perception Synopsis


Moments – they define us, they refine what is happening, the moments that is passing every second, everyday do define who we really are and who we are gonna be. What we became till now are because if one moment chasing the other one. And, every one of these moment are precious.

In all of this, there are those moments, that sequence of time and events that redefine our lives and rewrite history of the world.That one moment defines not only what we are and who everyone living that moment is, but also how we would see the world redefined by this single moment. AND yes – this moment, this single important moment would be the most simplest and unrealized moment.

A person is slapped and a revolutionary wave starts over throwing governments, a simple moment that defined history, an archduke is shot and in return a  war starts with causalities of 37 million people.A butterfly flaps its wing and a hurricane…

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Power of thought


One day, a priest and his disciple arrived to the big city. They had no money with them, but they needed food and a place to stay. The disciple was sure that they were going to beg for their food, and sleep in the park at night. “There is a big park not far from here. We can sleep there at night”, said the disciple. “In the open air?” Asked the priest.”Yes”, responded the student. The priest smiled and said: “No, tonight we are going to sleep in a hotel and eat there too”. The student was amazed. “How?””Come and sit down”, said the priest.

They both sat down on the ground and the priest said:”When you focus your mind intently on any subject, it comes to pass.” The priest closed his eyes and started to meditate with full concentration. After about ten minutes he got up and started to walk, with his disciple following him. They walked through several streets and alleys, until they arrived to a hotel.

“Come, let’s enter inside”, the priest said to his disciple. They just set foot in the entrance, when a well-dressed man approached them. “I am the manager of this hotel. You look like travelling priests and I believe you have no money. Would you like to work in the kitchen, and in return I’ll give you food and a place to stay?”
“Fine”, responded the priest.

The disciple was perplexed and asked the priest: “Did you use any magic? How did you do that?” The priest smiled and said, “I wanted to show you how the power of thoughts works. When you think with full and strong concentration about something that you want to happen, and your mind does not resist the subject of your thought, your thought materializes.”

“The secret is concentrating, visualizing, seeing details, having faith and projecting mental and emotional energy into the mental scene. These are the general prerequisites. When your mind is empty from thoughts, and only one single thought is allowed to enter, it gains a very great power. One should be very careful with what he thinks. A concentrated thought is powerful, and exerts a very strong influence.”

The disciple looked at his teacher and said: “I see that I have to sharpen my concentration in order to be able to use this power.”

“Yes, this is the first step”, responded the priest.

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Another rape, still more incompetence: Time to teach Delhi Police a Lesson?

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey

A five year old girl is now in a critical condition in a Delhi hospital after being brutalized and raped by a neighbour. The Delhi police, which has dealt with the situation with its characteristic incompetence, first refused to file an FIR when her parents went to the police station, and then, tried to bribe the girls parents with two thousand rupees so as to ‘hush them up’. Subsequently,a young woman who tried to protest against the behaviour of the police at the Dayanand Hospital were the girl was initially taken for treatment was slapped by a policeman, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, in full public view. His actions have been recorded on video. It is believed that the policemen who tried to bribe the victim’s parents and the policeman who slapped the young woman have been suspended.

But can the suspension of a few individuals address what is obviously…

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