Perception Synopsis


Moments – they define us, they refine what is happening, the moments that is passing every second, everyday do define who we really are and who we are gonna be. What we became till now are because if one moment chasing the other one. And, every one of these moment are precious.

In all of this, there are those moments, that sequence of time and events that redefine our lives and rewrite history of the world.That one moment defines not only what we are and who everyone living that moment is, but also how we would see the world redefined by this single moment. AND yes – this moment, this single important moment would be the most simplest and unrealized moment.

A person is slapped and a revolutionary wave starts over throwing governments, a simple moment that defined history, an archduke is shot and in return a  war starts with causalities of 37 million people.A butterfly flaps its wing and a hurricane…

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Power of thought


One day, a priest and his disciple arrived to the big city. They had no money with them, but they needed food and a place to stay. The disciple was sure that they were going to beg for their food, and sleep in the park at night. “There is a big park not far from here. We can sleep there at night”, said the disciple. “In the open air?” Asked the priest.”Yes”, responded the student. The priest smiled and said: “No, tonight we are going to sleep in a hotel and eat there too”. The student was amazed. “How?””Come and sit down”, said the priest.

They both sat down on the ground and the priest said:”When you focus your mind intently on any subject, it comes to pass.” The priest closed his eyes and started to meditate with full concentration. After about ten minutes he got up and started to walk, with his disciple following him. They walked through several streets and alleys, until they arrived to a hotel.

“Come, let’s enter inside”, the priest said to his disciple. They just set foot in the entrance, when a well-dressed man approached them. “I am the manager of this hotel. You look like travelling priests and I believe you have no money. Would you like to work in the kitchen, and in return I’ll give you food and a place to stay?”
“Fine”, responded the priest.

The disciple was perplexed and asked the priest: “Did you use any magic? How did you do that?” The priest smiled and said, “I wanted to show you how the power of thoughts works. When you think with full and strong concentration about something that you want to happen, and your mind does not resist the subject of your thought, your thought materializes.”

“The secret is concentrating, visualizing, seeing details, having faith and projecting mental and emotional energy into the mental scene. These are the general prerequisites. When your mind is empty from thoughts, and only one single thought is allowed to enter, it gains a very great power. One should be very careful with what he thinks. A concentrated thought is powerful, and exerts a very strong influence.”

The disciple looked at his teacher and said: “I see that I have to sharpen my concentration in order to be able to use this power.”

“Yes, this is the first step”, responded the priest.

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The Key To Success Is Learning How To Get Yelled At

Key to success ?

Thought Catalog

Here are a few unpleasant things I’ve done in my life in order to avoid getting yelled at:

1. Stayed in a dying romantic relationship for way, way longer than I should have.

2. Ended said relationship with a weird, cowardly, morally questionable back-door dumping.

3. Lied about my personal debt situation to people who could have helped me out.

And here, also, are a few cool things that I didn’t do, because I was afraid of getting yelled at while doing them:

1. Pursue a career in music journalism (because a rock star yelled at me during my first-ever interview, and what if they all did that?).

2. Pull one of those bad-ass networking moves where you approach someone you admire and tell them about how great you are (because what if the person I admired just yelled at me for bothering them, and then I would clearly have…

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Another rape, still more incompetence: Time to teach Delhi Police a Lesson?

KAFILA - 10 years of a common journey

A five year old girl is now in a critical condition in a Delhi hospital after being brutalized and raped by a neighbour. The Delhi police, which has dealt with the situation with its characteristic incompetence, first refused to file an FIR when her parents went to the police station, and then, tried to bribe the girls parents with two thousand rupees so as to ‘hush them up’. Subsequently,a young woman who tried to protest against the behaviour of the police at the Dayanand Hospital were the girl was initially taken for treatment was slapped by a policeman, an Assistant Commissioner of Police, in full public view. His actions have been recorded on video. It is believed that the policemen who tried to bribe the victim’s parents and the policeman who slapped the young woman have been suspended.

But can the suspension of a few individuals address what is obviously…

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Dove Real Beauty Sketches

We spend our lives looking at a mirror, some think they are beautiful and most think they are not. Even though we all heard beauty lies in the inside. We all see the mirror and judge and be sad. Suddenly, that mirror speaks more than own-self about how we are.We all are beautiful creature.

This video shows how to see yourself, it projects the mirror.How we see ourselves actually defines who we are.

Hardik Pokhrel

Dated : 4/19/2013 4: 54 pm

In pursuit of peace


Let me take you to a place,a place far far away from here.You don’t need to pack your bags or worry about the journey for the place.As this is the place where the blinds can see, the deaf can hear, dumb can speak and mentally challenged are part of the world.

Everything is familiar in this place, like you have been living in this place for generations yet so far away from it, like you are at home.Your heart settles here, no anxiety, no sadness, no expectation so no disappointment, no anger or no tears. As of now, you won’t find anyone there, since people don’t live there anymore.

You won’t find food there, because there is no hunger.You won’t find money there because there is no poor.You won’t find schools there, because there is no uneducated. No hospitals because no illness.No war because there is no religion.No disputes because there is no country or possessions.

No..wait, don’t start searching this place in your map or in your globe, you won’t find it there.Many have lost themselves in the pursuit of this.A prince left his kingdom and family in pursuit of this, though he found it.

You don’t have to leave your family or home or job or college to get there. Just take a mirror and look  within maybe you will find it there.Look at a kid smiling, maybe you will find it there.Maybe you will find it in a mother’s face looking at her children.Maybe you will find it in a father’s smile when he is looking at his family. Smell the coffee.Listen to the rain, even smell the mud.Put on your headphones and play cold play, maybe you will find it there.Tell someone, everything is going to be fine. Hold someone’s hand or hug someone. Take a walk without knowing where you are going looking at everyone. Shutting off the world, turn off your cellphones, no Facebook or mails. Maybe you will find it there.Or, maybe go home and love your family and let it find you.

The place is called – Place of Peace.

And as Bob Marley said –

so far away from where it’s happening
you think you found a place of peace
just to find that it’s happening everywhere
it’s happening here there and everywhere
please don’t touch that with the vision
learn to respect every man religion…
let I live a life I love to today…
lift my spliff and take a draw
someone say I’m breakin’ the law
they make everything to try and arrest you…

Hardik Pokhrel

Dated : 15/4/2013 3: 55 am